Star Wars: Battlefront (englisch)

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Star Wars Battlefront is an action/shooter game that gives fans and gamers the opportunity to re-live and participate in all of the classic Star Wars battles like never before. Players can select one of a number of different soldier types, jump into any vehicle, man any turret on the battlefront and conquer the galaxy planet-by-planet online with their friends or offline in a variety of single player modes. Single player modes include “Instant Action,” “Galactic Conquest” and the story-based “Historical Campaigns” mode that lets gamers experience all of the epic Star Wars battles from Episodes I-VI, fighting from the perspective of each of the four factions within the game.
Three single player modes including “Instant Action,” “Galactic Conquest” and the story-based “Historical Campaigns” mode / First and third-person gameplay – depending on player preference.
Battle in more than 12 environments across 10 diverse planets from the classic Trilogy and Clone Wars eras including Hoth, Endor, Tatooine, Kamino and Geonosis. / Multiplayer for up to 16+ players (plus AI units) online.
20 different soldier types from 4 factions: Rebel Alliance, Galactic Empire, Republic Clone Army and Separatist Battle Droids. Soldier types include standard infantry, scouts, heavy weapons and pilots – each will have their own unique abilities. / Split-screen mode for multiplayer ‘offline’ play.
More than 30 Star Wars weapons including blaster rifles, rocket launchers and thermal detonators, in addition to ground-based turret guns that can be manned and used to defend command posts. / More than 25 diverse ground and air vehicles including the AT-ST, X-Wing, and speeder bike, as well as the massive Republic Gunship that can hold up to five different soldiers.
Windows 98 SE, ME, 2000, and XP / Intel P3 1.0 GHz or AMD Athlon 1000 MHz (Recommended: Intel P4 2.0 GHz or AMD Athlon XP 2400+) / 256 MB of RAM (Recommended: 512 MB of RAM) / 64 MB 3D Graphics card with Hardware Transform and Lighting (T&L) Capability (Recommended 128 MB 3D Graphics card with Hardware Vertex and Pixel Shader (VS/PS) Capability) / 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card / DVD-ROM drive / Keyboard and mouse (Supported: Joystick and Gamepad) / Microsoft DirectX 9.0c is included on this disc. You will be prompted to install DirectX during the installation of this game if this or a more recent version isn’t already properly installed on your system. NOTE: DirectX may require the “latest” updates for your operating system. This may also include the latest drivers for your motherboard, sound, and video hardware. / Installation requires 2.7 GB of free hard drive space. (It is recommended that you have an additional 200 MB of free space available after installing the game for the Windows swap/page file. / Internet Connectivity for Multiplayer:  DSL, Cable, or faster connection


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